Herbert Baglione X Upper Playground x Blik Wall Graphics


Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, acclaimed fine artist Baglione is highly respected and recognized within the industry as well as throughout South America and Europe. He is known for his strong minimalist and simplistic approach to painting. According to Baglione, the basis of his work is addressing the coldness and competiveness present in people. He likes to be ironic about things such as individuality and death, and the paths chosen to either achieve these experiences or distance oneself from it. One of his main inspirations for his artwork is Brazilian street culture. He analyzes the relationship between man and mega-cities of the modern world, in which he portrays a vision of urban chaos. Baglione also has a variety of mural designs depicting stretched figures that represent human and alien life forms. Within these wall paintings he plays with the concepts of elongated and oblong shapes accompanied with iconic symbols from familiar urban architecture.

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