Herbert Baglione < Vídeo / Nuart festival >

O Blog Virtual Wall World acompanhou a execução do trabalho, registrou e escreveu :

Herbert Baglione creates art in many stages. On several steps during his outdoor work, the result was artwork packed with symbolism and stories.

Herbert started out painting faceless figures, like spirits or ghosts.

On the next step, he gave the spirits faces, making them human.

Then he erased the people. He creates, gives life, and takes lives. Instead of waiting for his work to get buffed, he buffs himself. I do not know about any other artist that buffs his own work.

This makes me angry and disappointed. Why does he destroy his own beautiful work? But at the same time the work is still there, under the paint, and I feel privileged to have seen it. Just like I feel privileged to have met people who are no longer among us.

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