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New Urban Art Festival in Cologne – Cityleaks 2011
5. – 25. September 2011

Due to the Urban Art Festival Cityleaks, this summer Cologne becomes a creative playing field for the international Urban Art scene.
From 5.-25.September 2011 the non-profit art organizations artrmx and Colorrevolution bring together/unite the leading lights of the scene and upcoming talents in Cologne to enrich the Cityleaks Festival and hence the city with visual action and inspiration. More than 40 international artists from Europe, the USA and South America amongst others BLU (IT), Herbert Baglione (BR), Jim Avognon (D), Stefan Strumbel (D), ROA (BE) and Faith47 (SA) realize works in public space for the first time in the Dome-city and put exhibitions in off-locations and galleries in the second phase of the festival.

A colourful framework program consisting of guided tours, workshops, live-paintings, movie screening, concerts, parties and a symposium transforms the festival into a very vivid experience for a broad audience.
With the help of a program the visitors can discover the originated works of the artists and the exhibitions either on their own or in organized tours.
The international Urban Art Festival Cityleaks will from September 2011 take place in a biennial cycle and point out that Urban Art nowadays is an inherent part of contemporary art.

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