WHO I AM ? ..... Sesper's Solo Exhibition In London .... Pure Evil Gallery

sesper show at pure evil gallery next thursday

Pure Evil Gallery
108 Leonard st
London EC2A 4RH

Phone 020 7729 2866
Mob 07805 420771

Gallery Hours:
10am – 6pm daily or by appointment.


Presents his first UK solo show ‘WHO AM I?’ at the Pure Evil Gallery on the 17th of February..The show runs until March 6th, at which point another ‘Famiglia Baglione’ member FLIP begins his first UK solo exhibition at the gallery.

Brazilian artist Alexandre “Sesper” Cruz spent his adolescence absorbed in music and skateboarding – building ramps, making fanzines that documented the Sao Paulo art scene, and recording k-7 compilations. These interests influenced the sticker and paste up poster campaigns he launched around the city in 1999.

Sesper is best known for his unique mixed media artwork. He uses recycled material such as paper, cardboard and wood as his surface and paints over these with oil pastel and latex, incorporating layer upon layer of texture and color. A member of the renowned Brazilian art collective, the Famiglia Baglione, Sesper has participated in and filmed many of their live painting and gallery installations around Brazil.

He produces music and is a full time vocalist for Garage Fuzz band since 1991, as well having sung and recorded in the following bands: OVEC, PSYCHIC POSSESSOR, SAFARI HAMBURGUERS, PAURA, and the projects: NOTWORK, INTROSPECTIVE, LOFI EXPERIMENTS, VALLEJO X SUNSET, 5 GAS QUESTION, FLIPTOP, and others.

sesper's pool rats from Sesper on Vimeo.

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