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Thais Beltrame
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Choose a day to spend some time with Thais Beltrame in the drawing studio. Thais, a Brazilian artist, will be installing her drawings in the Art Space gallery and will talk about her process as well as the generation of ideas. When she was little, Thais scribbled on her mother’s books in order to create narratives with simple lines. Always a compulsive sketcher, Thais will help you find a dialogue with line and pattern. Bring your favorite drawing materials and a sketchbook for this short hands-on workshop.


The Brazilian born artist Thais Beltrame was born in 1976 and since she was little, she used to despise colored pencils and compulsively scribble on her mother’s books with a ball pen, creating endless narratives with simple lines. Today the result of such act are universal existential issues represented in black and white, recreating the memories of our childhood in all of its darkness, sadness, discovery and glow. The artist makes use of the subtle and meticulous brush and ink, revealing an atmosphere both peculiar and melancholic.

Foto : Luis Eduardo Abreu

Dates January 8 & 10, 2011
Times Sat | January 8 | 1 – 5pm
Mon | January 10 | 5 – 9pm

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