Herbert Baglione | Strychnin Gallery - Conquistadores Group Show

Conquistadores. A group show featuring over 30 Spanish and Latin American street artists.
Curated by Maximiliano Ruiz (Argentina).

The show opens May 14th at 7 pm in our Berlin space.

Conquistadores is an overview of fresh contemporary talent from Spain and Latin America that is – at least metaphorically speaking – out to conquer the world. Globalization has affected both the Spanish and Latin American art scene. Recent art contributions from these countries seem to be nothing but a footnote in global art history books. Far from it! Both art cultures are more alive than ever! And that is what the exhibition Conquistadores is about. It is based on a selection of Spanish and Latin American artists whose work deals with local and national issues that are representative of the general human condition in the 21st century. We are very pleased to be supported by the Spanish and the Colombian embassy in Berlin.

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