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A Força da Rua documentary film from Aliana Monodee on Vimeo.

In February 2009, after interviewing the British artist contingency of A Força da Rua, director Lorna Lavelle took the trip to São Paulo to meet the Brazilian artists and to immerse herself in the city’s street art scene. 10 days of shooting interviews, artist studios and galleries (such as Choque Cultural gallery who represent A Força da Rua‘s Calma, Speto and Titi Freak) and meeting contributing musicians such as N.A.S.A, Lorna also visited the projects supported by the ABC Trust.

Projects such as AA Criança; based in the Sé region of downtown São Paulo (where approximately 12,000 homeless children live on the streets of Sé alone) who work through aid, drop-in day centres, human rights workshops and educate through art and culture projects. Graffiti art, dance and music are such a powerful force in Brazilian culture that organisations like AA Criança realise how São Paulo’s youth are much more likely to identify with and be empowered by art and music than formal educational systems. One of these centres was CASA 20, a drop in centre where children who lived on the streets of Sé could find sanctity, get a shower, wash their clothes and attend workshops. It was here that Lorna met Everaldo Santos Oliverira, the project co-ordinator of AA Crianca and Emma Boustead, a British AA Criança volunteer for the past six years.

About the filmmaker:
Following a stunning series of shorts for Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Amnesty and SHOWstudio, music videos for the Rhys Ivans-fronted band The Peth, Lupe Fiasco and UNKLE, 2009 sees the multi-talented 24-year-old director Lorna Lavelle move into feature films. Her first will be the three-years-in-the-making Man From UNKLE, followed by a documentary on the notorious Warhol-era satire Brand X, Conquest, narrated by The Cult's Ian Astbury, exposing the illegal US government drug testing of Native American women and the Brazilian and British street art documentary entitled Weapon of Choice.

Thanks to
ABC Trust, Dazed & Confused, Choque Cultural’s Baixo Ribeiro, Mariana Ribeiro & Eduardo Saretta, William Baglione, Duda Porto de Souza, Tocha Idéia Forte, Guilherme Pinheiro, N.A.S.A., Anthony Dickenson, Ink Death, Jana Novosadova and all the artists involved.

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