Herbert Baglione | Adidas Originals x Upper Playground | USA

This Thursday, July 17th, marks the release of the new Herbert Baglione adidas Originals sneaker from Upper Playground. The Centennial Lo sneaker is the first sneaker in the four-part series.

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, acclaimed fine artist Baglione is highly respected and recognized within the industry as well as throughout South America and Europe. He is known for his strong minimalist and simplistic approach to painting. According to Baglione, the basis of his work is addressing the coldness and competitiveness present in people. He likes to be ironic about things such as individuality and death, and the paths chosen to either achieve these experiences or distance oneself from it.

“My sneaker design expresses my personal taste in shoes. I don't like colorful tennis shoes that are full of designs or anything that I feel is more than necessary. I believe being simple ends up being more challenging," commented Baglione about his vision for the sneaker.

To get your hands on the Herbert Baglione adidas Originals sneaker, visit a UP retail store on Thursday, July 17th or you can order your pair online beginning at 8 am PT on Thursday.

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Fabio disse...

Esse boot ficou monstro!!!!!!!
Muito dah horah!!!!!!!
Representin' to the fullest...
Parabéns mestre.