Felip Yung "Flip" | Los Angeles | 20 de Julho


JULY 20th 2007

You are invited to join Seth and Elisa Carmichael for a pre-opening reception in their new permanent gallery space. Come check out the space and help them prepare for the August 4th grand opening by buying some art so that they can finish the renovations!

Friday, July 20th from 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art
1257 N. La Brea Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90038
(SW corner of La Brea and Fountain)

RSVP to rsvp@sethcarmichael.com

Contact art@sethcarmichael.com for more information.

Our pre-opening group show will feature the work of:

Amanda Vissel , Andreas Ragnar Kasapsis , Brian Gray , Caleb Neelon , Caroline Hwang , Chad Mount , Chris Yormick , Erik Foss , Escif , Flip , Ian Strawn , J. Asher Lynch , Joel Dugan , Jonathan Edelhuber , Josh Heilaman , Josh Taylor , Joulu , Justin Lyons , Karen Preston , Kenji Hirata , Klone , Know Hope , L. Croskey , Labrona , Lauren Gardiner , Malota , Matt Curry , Matthew Feyld , Mose120 , Naoto Hattori , Oddzoo , Paul Insect , Paulo Ito , Proto , Ryan Bubnis , Sean McGaughey , Sinboy , WK Interact , Yosuke Ueno , Zdenek55 , Zoe Langosy , Zosen

The Grand Opening of the gallery will be August 4th featuring all new work from all over the world including pieces by Gary Baseman,Jonathan Edelhuber, Ian Strawn, Labrona, Caleb Neelon, Other, Nick Walker, Paul Insect, Vitche and over 50 artists

Saturday, August 4th from 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

The gallery will be open Wednesday – Sunday, 2PM – 7PM and by
appointment starting August 5th.

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